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Prop 16 (Affirmative Action): Led by Eleanor Yick

Students of YAPA’s Prop 16 advocacy group, who harbor different opinions on the complex issue among themselves, are working not to sway voters to one side or another but to inform them on different perspectives and arguments.

Eleanor Yick, who mentors the Prop 16 group, has worked in education for 42 years and is the current president of the League of Women Voters in Southwest Santa Clara Valley and former superintendent of Mountain View Whisman school district.

According to Yick, the issue of Prop 16 is a lot more complicated than it may seem on the surface level. read more

View our final conference presentation here:

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 8.56.29 AM.png

What did we do?

  • Split into two groups, one for one against

  • Researched the primary arguments on both sides

  • Rose awareness and helped educate voters on the arguments on both s


Prop 16's Final Video Presentation

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