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COVID-19 Education & Economic Impacts: Led by Gopal Kumarappan & George Yang

Amidst the thralls of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, social distancing mandates have forced parents and kids alike from across the country to learn how to work from home. For students and educators, remote learning has presented its unique challenges in ensuring equity across a wide range of social and economic groups.

In YAPA’s COVID-19 Education and Economics program, students were given a wide range of freedoms to pursue their vision for how education or the local economy can be changed in the midst of the crisis. Students would report on their research during weekly meetings to expert mentors and their peers and receive feedback to guide their advocacy. read more

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Kids For Kids Club Logo

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Riya Arora's platform for academic help

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What did we do?

Each student developed and executed their own unique project with a variety of results. 

  • Rohan Mansukhani founded the Kids For Kids Foundation, allowing extracurriculars to continue over virtual learning.

  • Ishaani Dayal rose awareness on the importance of progressing towards California's Affordable Housing Development Goal.

  • Shreya Gosavi pushed for passing AB655 and reducing landfill waste.

  • Riya Arora created a platform for a peer-to-peer academic help for reducing inequality in online education.

  • Hillary Chang proposed “Adopt a Business" a program where students help small businesses

  • Elizabeth Lee advocated for wage subsidies and finding ways to aid small business owners


  • Gopal Kumarapppan

    • ​Cupertino Parks & Rec Commissioner

    • Former Library Commissioner & Chair

    • Head of Engineering (Document Cloud) @ Adobe

  • George Yang

    • ​Chair of Sister City Committee of Menlo Park

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