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COVID-19 Healthcare and Equity: Led by Ana Sucaldito

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What did we do?

  • Split into two groups studying 2 different COVID-related topics

    • Inequities related to masking and social distancing policies

    • Inequities related to low income communities.

  • Use evidence from sources such as peer reviewed articles to prove inequities

  • Heard from guest speakers on advocacy strategies like canvassing and fundraising

  • Write a white paper to create policy recommendation to try and solve one of the inequities we found with our research

    • A white paper is an in depth report or a guide of a specific topic and the problems that surround it.

Coming into the YAPA 2020 program, Angela Sun, junior at Lynbrook High School, noted that she didn’t have any experience reading or doing “white paper” advocacy.

“It’s essentially a written overview of a certain topic or issue, and one of our advocacy group’s tasks has been splitting up and writing them on different focus areas,” Sun said. “It was really interesting to be introduced to a method of advocacy that is used prevalently at a professional level.”

The COVID-19 Healthcare and Equity group, of which Sun is a member, is mentored by Ana Sucaldito, MPH, and Albert Wang, MD, an internist and Board Member at Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group. read more

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