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10-Week Study Group

​The Young American Policy Advocates (YAPA) summer program consists of 10 weeks of focused small group study on chosen topics with mentors, who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topics. At the end of 10 weeks, each study group will show their efforts as a white paper, an advocacy campaign, or bill proposals or other proper format. It is not a requirement for students to participate in the 2-day camp in order to join the 10-week study group. The program is open to people of all ethnicity.


Mid-July to end of September (weekly dates to be determined by each study group and its mentors)


Santa Clara County (to be determined by Mentor)


High school and college students (TA positions are also available for incoming or current college students!)


​$100/person (for room rental, refreshment and other program expenses)

​$100/person (for room rental, refreshment and other program expenses)

Topics of Interest

Housing crisis and solutions

using data analysis - led by Sunnyvale City Council member Michael Goldman ​

Teen mental health

led by Hung Wei, former Fremont Union School Board Member

Tobacco and their impacts

led by Rosalyn Moya, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR), and Tanya Payyappilly, Breath California

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