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2020 Cohort Program

Kick-Off  Webinar

Aug. 1, 10am-12pm PST

An intensive boot camp in summer to kick off the training.

Advocacy Groups

Aug - Oct

The core of the YAPA program is the study groups, where passionate subject experts on local issues mentor high school students to study specific, relevant issues.

Cohort Meetings

Meets every three weeks for team and skill-building. Cohort meeting programs are co-designed and led by student officers.

Youth in Action Conference

Oct. 31

The YIA conference has three primary objectives: to celebrate the accomplishments of students and mentors,

 to promote youth civic engagement, and to serve as an information and contact exchange between non-profit organizations and students.

Advocacy Groups

Our 2020 program consists of a 10-week Advocacy Group focused on providing students with a small group to study and advocate for a chosen topic with mentors who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic.

At the end of the program, study groups presented the culmination of their efforts, whether as a white paper, advocacy campaign, bill proposal or other format.

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